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Corporate photography

You have certainly heard the phrase that a picture is a thousand words. In the case of companies, we could say that a corporate photoshoot or a corporate photo can capture your entire philosophy and history. Rooftop Advertisement employs highly creative professionals with a main focus on high aesthetics, who undertake corporate photography, as well as product photography, clothing / fashion photography, food photography, place photography and portrait photography. Our services also include photo background removal for web or printed use (e.g. for an e-shop or product catalogues respectively), as well as photo processing using the Photoshop suite.

The way we work in order to offer you the ideal result is first to notify the responsible persons of your company’s philosophy and then, based on that, to create an inspired concept that will highlight the unique characteristics of your products or services. Of course a simple concept would not be enough as, through the use of photography, the right feelings should also be created in consumers, in order to first get their attention and then make them actually interested in the product, eventually buying it.

You should also keep in mind that photos are one of the most widespread ways of promoting both your company as well as your products or services online, particularly in the digital age we live in, where social media dominate. Therefore, by having a professional photo shoot, you avoid the possibility of your business being promoted in a distorted way and ensure that you have a perfect, high-quality result that is in line with your culture and highlights your corporate image.

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