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Creating a Corporate Identity

Creating a corporate identity and designing a logo is the beginning of everything for your business, therefore requiring attention to even the smallest details. Your logo is the trademark of your business; it is the means to make it known and imprinted in the minds of consumers. Specifically, it is the graphic representation of your company and, essentially, your identity.

Following the above, it is obvious that the creation of a corporate identity requires a complex process and an experienced team of graphic designers and marketers. Rooftop is staffed by an accomplished team of professionals who will ensure that you will not stop at the initial stages of a well-designed and aesthetically flawless result, but that when creating your corporate identity, it will incorporate the deeper message you want to convey to your consumers, as well as your desired image. To summarise, your corporate identity should be easily recognisable, reflect the speciality of your service or product at first glance and, last but not least, it should be up to date, using the most modern graphic design techniques.

Creating a Corporate Identity: Designing a Logo

The process of creating a logo is of critical importance to your business, as it constitutes your corporate identity. The ideal logo must be in line with your company’s philosophy and culture, while also being modern. This means that improvements or changes may be needed over the years.

Redesigning a Logo

If your business has been operating for years and your logo has been imprinted in the minds of consumers and you do not want to proceed with the creation of a new logo from scratch, then redesigning a logo is the ideal service for you and your business. In the context of this process, we undertake to keep the basic elements of your logo, while adapting it to the graphic needs of today.

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