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Starting with conceptualizing the poster creative, flyers, speaker banners for social media as well as any print or electronic materials needed in digital or print form we prepare to prepare the audience for the event of the year . Before and during the event, he manages the social media by posting original material that our company has created.

Also, through paid advertising (sponsored) on social media, we communicate to the directly interested world the opening of this year’s event. At the same time, Rooftop completely undertakes the video and photographic coverage of the event, creating video interviews with the invited speakers and exhibitors who invite their audience to the event.

Then we cover the entire two-day event and create a 4K video with the summary of the event, wanting to convey in a few seconds all the atmosphere and the general feeling of the event. At the same time, we provide photographic coverage of the two-day event, which includes photos of all the guests entering the venue, as well as all the speakers and exhibitors who make up the event. Afterwards, the material we collected from the two-day event (photos, video) is color-edited and gradually posted on the social media (Facebook, Instagram) of Palso B.E. to offer the public the aftertaste of the event.

For us, years of collaboration are proof of success in each project. So below you can see examples of this successful collaboration. To be continued…