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SEO website promotion

What is SEO Website Promotion in Search Engines?
How will it help optimise my website?
How do I “climb” higher in search engines (Google, Bing)?
Is it worth applying it to my company’s website?

These are the main questions that we have to answer to our customers!
At this point we would like to emphasise that if we create your company’s entire website, we will provide this service to you completely FREE OF CHARGE.
The easiest way for users to find your website is through search engines. Let’s see how this works with Rooftop’s help!

  • We first conduct research on the company and its competitors
  • Then we select the keywords or key phrases
  • These words can be the name of the company, its activities, the products or services it offers, the location etc.
  • Of course these words can lead to thousands or even millions of results, also depending on the competition. Therefore, the stronger our SEO, the higher our rankings.
  • Our goal is for you to appear within the top 30 results. Of course, if competition allows, your company can move up to the top positions of search engines even from the beginning, if SEO is properly applied.
  • Simply put, we learn how users search for your products or services and our job is to properly apply the relevant keywords, so that we can help Google present your company to the users.
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