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Managing Google Ads

Managing Google Ads

What is Google Ads management? Do you want your own website to appear among Google’s top search results when users search for keywords* related to the product or service you provide?

We have the solution for your company!
Paid advertising on Google, or pay per click (PPC), is essentially paid advertising in search engines.
It is important to point out that the appearance of your company in the search engine does not mean that you are automatically charged!
You are only charged if someone clicks on your ad and visits your website.
What does it mean in financial terms?
It means that you can specify the budget you want to spend per month!
What are Keywords?
When managing a Google Ads campaign, we use words or phrases that are related to each company and represent it.
So, then the user makes a Google search using related words or phrases, the company we advertise will appear.
The selected keywords/phrases are also used to match the ad with websites included in Google’s network.

And what will Rooftop provide to you?

Targeted campaigns, specially configured, with the latest techniques applied to Google Adwords (ReMarketing, Google Merchant etc.), which will be modified and improved on a daily basis depending on your business’s searches.
Our company’s specialised staff has been handling Google Ads for dozens of businesses around the world for many years, surpassing the initial targets set and achieving significantly increased sales.
We keep up to date with the industry on a daily basis, attending special seminars so that we are never left behind!
So contact us today!

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