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Social media management

The management of Social Media may seem to be an easy process; however, it requires time and effort! If you cooperate with us, you will find our specialised staff (marketing department, graphic designer, developers, copywriters) working daily with your company in order to ensure a uniform, flawless, successful and high-quality promotion online! What can we do for you? Have a look below!

Managing Google Ads

Paid advertising on Google, or pay per click (PPC), is essentially paid advertising in search engines.
It is important to point out that the appearance of your company in the search engine does not mean that you are automatically charged!
You are only charged if someone clicks on your ad and visits your website.

google ads services

SEO website promotion

These are the main questions that we have to answer to our customers!
At this point we would like to emphasise that if we create your company’s entire website, we will provide this service to you completely FREE OF CHARGE.
The easiest way for users to find your website is through search engines. Let’s see how this works with Rooftop’s help!