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However, our cooperation does not stop here as a multitude of new creative ideas and ideas are developed. Our company also took over the management of the company’s official page on social media (Facebook, Instagram). Through original posters with concepts, he does the textualization of the posts, finding the appropriate hashtags and finally carries out the paid advertising (sponsored), making the most of the financial budget.

After many hours of research and following a wine marketing and promotion strategy, we have managed to highlight the company, strengthen its reputation, increase visitors to the winery (wine tourism) and sales through the official website eshop by Nikos Lazaridis www.thewinezoo.gr.

In addition, in order to have a uniform image and in the context of the proper promotion of wines, our company created professional photos of the winery, the facilities, the vines, the wine aging cellar as well as a series of short videos (GIF) that aim to the viewer to navigate through the winery from their mobile screen.

The trust that “Niko Lazaridis” showed in our company, helped to create an integrated Marketing Plan, very promising for the near future. Stay tuned and be the next.